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Ants Invade New Zealand

This summer is seeing an explosion of ant infestations across New Zealand as far south as Christchurch and beyond. The major culprits are the the invasive Darwin’s Ant and Argentine Ant. These small brown trailing ants form exceptionally large colonies that contain multiple queens. These ants will not be easily controlled with traditional methods.  The Argentine Ant requires the use of specialised bait.

The large size of the colonies and the ability of queens to spread and set up new colonies means that control requires a multiple approach. Target Pest has designed a successful Invasive Ant program  that includes a minimum of  3 treatments to erradicate the ants from homes and businesses. Target will warranty this treatment for the summer ant season and will arrange preventative treatment for following years.

Darwin Ant worker







Darwin worker, dark brown to black, small (~3mm), pungent smell when squashed. Argentine Ants are related and almost indistinguishable from Darwin’s with the naked eye, but they do not have the pungent smell of the Darwin’s.

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