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Small Office / Shop Program

Only $195!

Target Pest has put together a programme of pest control specifically designed for offices and non-food retailers and workshops. Providing prevention and control of the sort of pest problems that would otherwise badly affect reputation and deter customers.

Our Targets: Protection of your property, profit and reputation through: Control, prevention and monitoring of:

                   *     Flies                        *     Spiders                        *     Rats                        *     Mice

All businesses are at risk from the damage caused by pests. They deter customers, cause physical damage to buildings, contents, wiring, health and of course reputations.

For the small office and shop, the risk to productivity thorough staff illness, down time due to pest damage and the loss of business through poor public perception can be very serious.

The Target Pest Small Office / Shop Program will, help you comply with hygiene regulations and will protect your business from financial loss and loss of goodwill. By the time you notice pests present on your premises some damage may already have been done.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors, be seen to be clean.


Save $620 per year! Only $195 per quarter + GST. Standard programme includes:

Spider and Fly Proofing, Minimum of:

Save on cleaning away spider webbing and reduce the risk of worried staff.Fly proofing. Stop those annoying flies buzzing round your desk and tea room.

  • Exterior, long lasting surface treatment.
  • Internal surface and harbourage treatment.
  • White tail roof void treatment.

Usual price ~$600pa

Crawling Insect Monitoring, Minimum of:

  • Use of Arisense insect monitoring stations to detect infestations.
  • Regular checks and reports.
  • Free call out.

Usual price ~$200pa

Keep your premises clear of rats and mice and the risks to you electrical and communication wiring.

Rodent Control, Minimum of:

  • 4 service calls per year.
  • 6+ non spill bait, tamper proof bait stations.
  • Simple proofing such as sealing gaps around pipes cables and under doors.
  • Free call out.

Usual price $600pa


  • Fully documented reports.
  • Expert help and advice.
  • Experienced and friendly technicians.

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