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Target Pest Fly Trap Unit

Flying insects trapped on sticky surfaceTarget Pest experts have developed a hygienic and attractive wall mounted flying insect catch unit that provides flying insect control without fear of contamination of surrounding areas by dead or fragmented insects. The brushed stainless steel unit has been designed to attract and trap even the smallest flying insects discreetly and out of sight. Target Pest fly trap unit

Not all areas are suitable for treatment with insecticides or the use of electronic fly killers, so the discreet flying insect catch unit is ideal for shop and factory situations particularly where food is prepared. Flies are attracted to an ultra-violet light invisible to us but very bright to insects. The insects are then trapped on an adhesive pad within the brushed stainless steel up lighter. The unit effectively kills flies and traps them out of sight of customers. Our technicians will routinely examine the sticky traps and identify the flies caught so that effective proofing, hygiene maintenance and treatment can be tailored to your situation. Other advantages of the unit include inexpensive operation, attractive appearance and they double as night security lights. All maintenance including replacement trap pads bulbs and starters are supplied as part of the leasing agreement.

Total cost of unit including installation and all servicing is only $7.50 per week + GST invoiced quarterly @ $97.50 + GST.

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