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Ferret and Stoat (mustalid) Control

The ferret is an efficient hunter that found the flightless native birds of NZ easy prey. Ferrets, stoats and weasels were introduced to New Zealand in an attempt to control the rabbit population which was threatening to get out of control. However, the ferrets, stoats and weasels found New Zealand’s native flightless birds easy prey and are at least partly responsible for the sad decline in the numbers of many native bird species.Mustalids also rob the nests of flighted birds and frequently run amok in a farmyard chicken coop.

The ferret is the largest of the three mustalids, adults measuring around 600mm from nose to tail. The stoat is smaller but large enough to be confused with a ferret but for the much reder shade of its coat. The weasel is much smaller, no more than 200mm from nose to tail. All three have very elongated bodies and long tails allowing them to climb well and to hunt down burrows and warrens.

The ferret is now also implicated in the spread of bovine tuberculosis (Tb) and is regarded as a significant Tb vector (carrier and transmitter).

Target Pest carries out large and small scale mustalid control. Protecting New Zealand’s native wildlife from predation and the farming industry from the spread of bovine Tb. We will also advise domestic customers about control of ferrets and stoats around life style blocks and carry out shooting and trapping where required.

The stoat is smaller than the ferret and larger than the weasel. The weasel is much smaller than either the ferret or stoat.
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