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Commercial & Domestic Pest Control

Your World Without Pests

Rat at home in grain store
Mouse at home in your home
Housefly contaminating food
Wasp in search of food
Bee swarm on the wall of a home
Oriental cockroach living in warm damp area
Ant in the garden, homes and kitchens
White-tail spiders invades homes and other buildings
Wood borer (bora) adult, the larvae eat their way through the timber of our buildings and furniture
Bed bug, pest of homes, hostels, hotels and motels.
Bed Bugs
Flea makes its home in warm homes where its host lives
Silverfish living in cool damp areas of our homes.
Other insects
Dust mites
Starlings nest and foul houses and other buildings
Pest Birds – commercial only
Rabbits and other rural pests
Rural Pests
Import and export fumigation

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Bird Control: Pest Birds – Commercial Only Proofing/Control

Commercial Pest Control Consultancy Service – Target Pest experts can help and advise on any pest issue.

A world without pests? It is possible!

Target Pest is the one-stop-shop for all your business pest control services in New Zealand. As the largest pest control service provider in New Zealand, Target Pest’s accredited technicians provide a comprehensive and professional service offering “state of the art” eradication, prevention and monitoring of all pests for commercial premises.


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What Target Pest can do for you:

All businesses and homes are at risk from the damage caused by pests. Pests cause physical damage to buildings, goods, processes, profits and of course reputations. By the time you notice pests present on your premises some damage may already have been done. Even if you don’t have a current problem, Target Pest will supply a full range of pest control services, rapidly identifying and reporting potential risks and developing a tailor-made program to protect your business and home. A program will include a survey of the premises involved to identify current infestations and carry out a risk assessment. Target Pest will then develop a plan to eradicate any pests present, proof against future infestation and routinely check and monitor for pests. Full reports in writing will follow each visit and treatment.


Below is some information on the more common pests and the pest control services and solutions we offer New Zealand Commercial Premises, shops, offices, farms, factories.

Norwegian Rat. Click here to find info on rats and mice.

More about rodents…

Rodents, rats and mice, cause considerable damage to property and business through contamination of food, packaging and work areas with urine, droppings and hair. Physical damage caused by gnawing of cables, timbers, goods and indeed anything else, will be costly to replace or repair. Target Pest supplies expert rodent control services in New Zealand using a variety of methods including rodenticide baiting, trapping, proofing and monitoring. Methods will be chosen to suit your particular situation ensuring safety, discretion, effectiveness and compliance with legislation.
Find out more about our rodent pest control services in New Zealand.

Australian spider beetle (Ptinus tectus)

More about crawling insects…
Other Crawling Insects:

Crawling insects such as silverfish, booklice, carpet beetles, larder beetles, spider beetles beetles and mites* cause concern for the hygiene of food and contaminate stored food and packaging. The effective control of these insects is dependent on accurate identification and an integrated pest management approach. Target Pest has the knowledge and technology to deal with any or all of these pest problems rapidly and safely. Control methods may include monitoring, baiting, traps, proofing, spraying, fogging, misting and housekeeping.
Learn more about our crawling insect pest control services in New Zealand.

*Mites are part of the Arachnid group along with spiders, and are not insects.

Oriental Cockroach. Click here to get info on crawling insects.More about Cockroaches…

There are several species of cockroach found in New Zealand, including native species. The Oriental, German and American are amongst the insects likely to be found infesting our restaurant kitchens, hospitals and homes. All like warm moist conditions and given the chance will form large infestations.

Starling. Click here to get info on pest birds.

More about pest birds…

Keep birds out! Target Pest supplies and fits a complete range of bird proofing products for factories, warehouses, load-out canopies.. If bird removal is necessary our technicians have a proven track record in the safe and discrete use of bird baits and repellents. From trapping magpies to management of large flocks of sparrows and starlings, Target Pest will have a solution to your problem.
Click through and discover the range of bird pest control services available through Target – Commercial Only.

House Fly. Click here to get info on flies.

More about flies…

Many people ‘put up’ with flies assuming that there is nothing that can be done to control them effectively. This is not the case. Target Pest has pest control services for the full range of New Zealand winged pests including houseflies, blowflies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, midges and cluster flies. Fly control is achieved by an integrated pest management approach usually including external and internal surface treatment, proofing and fly traps. Not all areas are suitable for treatment with insecticides or electronic fly killers, so our experts have developed a very effective and discreet flying insect catch unit that is ideal for shop and factory situations. Flies are attracted to an ultra-violet light, invisible to us but very bright to insects. The insects are then trapped on an adhesive pad located out of sight within the brushed stainless steel up lighter. Thus the unit effectively kills flies and traps them out of sight of customers. Our technicians will routinely examine the sticky traps and identify the flies caught so that effective proofing, hygiene maintenance and treatment can be tailored to your situation. Other advantages of the unit include: inexpensive operation, attractive wall fitting, minimal maintenance and they double as night security lights.
Learn more about the fly control services offered by Target.

Wasp. Click here to get info on wasps and bees.

More about wasps & bees…
Wasps and Bees:

Wasps are a problem in food production, storage and consumption areas in the same ways as other flying insects. Wasps also bring an added danger by being armed with venomous stings that are painful to all and very dangerous to a few. Being social insects some species like the Common and German wasp will form colonies of many thousands of individuals. Nests can be massive and should not to be tackled unprepared. TARGET PEST can safely destroy and remove nests or install and service bait stations where nests cannot be found.

The Honey Bee (Apis mallifera) is not normally a pest, however, wild colonies, or swarms that leave a hive to start a new colony can cause considerable consternation to those whose building they may choose as temporary accommodation or new home. Honeybees have a painful sting to which some people are more susceptible than others. Bumble Bees form much smaller colonies and although they can sting and bite, they rarely do and removal rather than destruction is the best option.
Discover more about the wasp and bee pest control services we offer New Zealand.

Whitetail Spider. Click here to get info on spiders (arachnids).

More about spiders…

Biting and venomous spiders are a real risk to the health of humans and animals. There two New Zealand spiders that may be directly harmful, the Katipo/Red Back and Whitetail. Harmless spiders also provoke fear and loathing among many people. Spider webs can appear unsightly, and suggest a lack of hygiene and cleanliness. TARGET PEST has proofing and spider pest control services to combat all New Zealand spiders, including specific control programs for White-tailed spiders.
Learn more about the spider and pest control services we offer New Zealand.

Ant. Click here to get info on ants.

More about ants…

Like some of the wasps and bees, ants are social insects and can form colonies of many tens of thousands. With such vast numbers ants are very effective at finding sources of food. Unfortunately the food can often be in our cupboards or on our shelves. The site of nests must be identified for effective control. Our technicians know which areas are likely to harbor the colonies of the identified species and can destroy nests directly or using specialist bait preparations that foraging ants carry back to the nest and feed to the queens, workers and larvae.
Find out more about the ant pest control services we offer New Zealand.

Borer damage. Click here to get info wood boring insects.

More about borer…
Borer (Bora):

Target Pest offers pest control services for all three species of borer (sometimes known as bora or woodworm) and other wood boring insects that affect New Zealand timbers. Larvae of the beetles eat their way through the interior of wood before emerging via flight holes as adults to mate and begin the life cycle over again. All untreated timbers can be attacked. TARGET PEST technicians will survey the extent of infestation and apply penetrating treatments with insecticide, which persists in the wood killing, insects as they emerge, and preventing re-infestation for at least ten years in normal circumstances.
Find out more about the borer control services we offer New Zealand.

Flea. Click here to get info on fleas and bed bugs.

More about fleas & bed bugs…
Parasitic Insects:

Fleas are much more common than bed bugs. Target Pest offers pest control services for all three species that are most likely to bite humans in New Zealand, the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis), the bird flea (Dasypsyllus gallinulae), and the dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis). The dog flea rarely bites humans, but will when no other host is available.
Find out more about the parasitic insect pest control services we offer New Zealand.

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